MEN – A – WHO?


I can’t even begin to explain my excitement over this post.  First of all, we are talking about something Hawaiian, which always makes me happy, and secondly, I have managed to tie in one of my favorite Full House episodes. I know what you’re thinking… how is it possible to narrow down a favorite Full House episode? Every Tuesday night, those loveable Tanners would welcome us into their home and impart on us some of the greatest catch phrases television has ever known (*this is totally unnecessary, because I know you know.   i.e.- “Cut it out!” -complete with hand gestures, “How Rude!,” “Watch the hair, huh!” and of course, who could forget “You got it, dude.”)  That was super fun…I digress, the episode I am thinking of is when they jet off to Hawaii…”Danny Tanner Clipboard of Fun” anyone? anyone? Well, the whole vacation, Stephanie is convinced she has seen a real Menehune (pronounced MEN-A-WHO-NAY), which according to Hawaiian myth, is a small magical person.  Now you’re probably like, “What the heck does this have to do with anything?” Well, I’m so glad you asked because menehune are often referred to as Hawaiian Leprechauns and with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I would like to make the public aware of mischevious little people who like to play trick on folks during the night. Menehune stand about two feet tall and seem to have an aversion to clothes.  They are said to be expert builders who only work at night, never to be seen or heard.  Menehune are indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands and live deep in the lush forest, living off of fish and bananas. These little ones are fond of dancing, and singing, and of sports, such as shooting arrows. Beware though, sometimes they use magic arrows to pierce the heart of angry people and make them feel love instead. So, the next time you happen to be visiting Hawaii, keep your eyes peeled for these tiny cupid tricksters. *note: menehune are pictured clothed here – rated E for everyone.



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