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Secret Ancient Chinese Lantern DIY


Okay, I have a confession to make.  This DIY is neither secret nor is it ancient. However, it was done by a couple of part Chinese girls (one being moi and the other, my cousin Jenny) so that has gotta count for something!

This project is in honor of Chinese New Year which happens to be this Friday.  GUNG HEE FAT CHOY!!  These aren’t your typical Chinese red lanterns though, we have constructed a slightly different version out of empty Bob Chinn’s World Famous Mai Tai Tetra Pak containers.  Let’s get started! First, rinse out an empty Tetra Pak with warm water, pull out the side tabs on both the top on bottom and flatten.


Then, cut off the top and bottom of the Tetra Pak









Slump Busta-move


Don’t get me wrong, this winter wonderland outside my window is gorgeous… but actually having to leave the comfort of my 74 degree house and be IN it has me jonesing for a tropical getaway.  I recently gave in and signed up for Spotify and I am OBSESSED! I make a playlist for EVERYTHING! So, to get me out of this polar vortex induced depression, I complied some beach side songs to aid in the escape. I hope you enjoy them!

pets gone wild


Brace yourselves, people… because today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Exactly who celebrates these things is almost as big of a mystery as who creates them. To feed my curiosity, I obviously had to Google “animals in costumes.” Be sure to use the word “IN” – as this search could have gone down an entirely different creepy path.
Imagine my surprise when a bevy of critters decked out in their finest disguises showed up on my screen… hours later, I found myself knee deep in hilarious photos of pets dressed in everything from Princess Leia wigs to hard shell tacos. Call me crazy, but its nice to know that I am not the only one out there! Here’s a tiny sampling of the gems I uncovered:


Counting Tikis


This past Friday, January 3rd, was the National Festival of Sleep.  Don’t ask me how I know these things: I am just full of ridiculous and completely useless information.  Lucky for you, I seem to have found a forum in which these little tidbits have become some kind of entertaining medium. But enough about me, more about sleep…

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing phrases like “polar vortex,” annoying words like “subzero temperatures,” and reading all about #chiberia. (okay, that last one, I like, so I approve of the use).  All of these – subliminally  or not – evoke a sense of sleepiness or perhaps an onset of acute narcolepsy and have us jonesing for jammies and and a bed. For those of you fortunate enough to have a few “snow days” off of work or school, snacking, napping and lounging are probably some of your top activities.  What would make this mini-vacation even better? Curling up by a mini space heater with your very own Tiki Pillow!! Just when you think the Tiki Team couldn’t get any craftier…. we go and out-tiki ourselves!

We started with an enlarged tiki image, a white pillow case, sheets of colored felt and freezer paper.

Trace the parts of the tiki onto the freezer paper

*make the tiki cup shape about a half inch larger all around

photo 3-2

photo 2-3

Trace and cut out Tiki parts from the appropriate color felt.  *we ended up cutting out two small pieces of black felt for eyes.

photo 1-2

Assemble and sew.

photo 4-1

I mean… how cute is that?! Wishing you all sweet Tiki dreams!

Mai Tai…Shots shots shots shots shots shots (i know, i hate that song too)


Today is the last day of 2013 and as a proper send off, we have decided to make Jell-O shots.  While adding booze to those tasty little jigglers isn’t a new concept, but how about using some Mai Tais in our recipe!?!

I started with:

  •      1 small (3 oz.) box of Island Pineapple Jell-O
  •      1 cup of boiling water
  •      1 cup of Bob Chinn’s World Famous Mai Tai
  •      small cups
  • 20131231-184812.jpg

    In a mixing bowl, combine the Jell-O with the water and stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Then add in the cup of Mai Tai. Pour the mixture into the small cups and place in the refrigerator for approximately 2-4 hours (or until firm).

    I don’t think I need to tell you where to go from here …