The Gift That Keeps On Giving!


With the holidays upon us, I have been trolling the pages of Pinterest (not that I don’t do that all year-round) looking for some gift ideas. After hours of daydreaming and repinning about 1000 things onto my own personal “Wish List” board, it occurs to me that I have yet to secure one unique gift for anyone else.  This happens every year, mid-November I vow to start my Christmas shopping early so that I don’t procrastinate and freak out on December 24th. Oddly enough, that plan always fail and there I am roaming the aisles of Walgreens scrambling to make a 75% off Advent calendar seem like a well thought out present.

This year, I have decided to help my fellow last minute shoppers and post a tutorial on how to “make” the gift that keeps on giving! Behold: The Tiki-Tastic Gift Extraordinaire – okay, that’s not its real name, but I thought it was pretty catchy!

Here we have the necessities, 2 small Tiki mugs, 2 Tetra Pak containers of Bob Chinn’s World Famous Mai Tai, a strip of cardboard, a medium size basket, crinkle paper, cellophane shrink-wrap bag. (the last three items were purchased at Dollar Tree ) *not pictured: hair dryer (used to shrink wrap)

photo 1 (4)

First, fill the medium size basket with the crinkle paper.  Take the strip of cardboard and fashion it into a triangle (tape to secure).

photo 2 (5)

Position the Bob Chinn’s World Famous Mai Tai Tetra Paks in the basket, each one leaning on opposite sides (this is to distribute the weight so the basket does not tip over).

photo 3 (3)

Place the cardboard triangle in the back of the basket, sitting on top of the crinkle paper.

photo 4 (1)

Add the cups to the basket, resting one on the cardboard triangle (you can use a piece of rolled up tape to fasten the cup to the triangle, so it doesn’t move). Step back to look straight on at the basket and make any adjustments  necessary.

photo 5

Open the shrink-wrap bag and gently put the basket inside (as the cellophane can rip easily). The bag I bought from the Dollar Tree included a bow, which I used to tie up the gathered cellophane.

photo 1 (5)

Using a hairdryer set on HOT and HIGH speed, begin to apply heat to the cellophane bag.  Slowly move the hair dryer up and down the length of the basket. Allow the cellophane time to heat and become pliable. True to its name, the bag will begin to shrink and wrap itself tightly around the basket. This process may take a while, as I was constantly finding new spots to zap with the dryer- it kinda of became addicting… don’t judge.

photo 2 (6)

TA DAH!!!! One beautiful, Mai Tai Tiki Gift Basket! Give it to your holiday party host/hostess, your boss, the #1 Mai Tai fan in your life or be the hit at the white elephant! This one will be sure to knock their socks off!

If you are like me and live by the adage “why do today what you can put off till tomorrow,” these baskets can be purchased – pre-made- at Bob Chinn’s Crab House restaurant, along with a few other gift pack options.

But if you do decide to DIY, we have these awesome FREE printable tiki gift tags that would add the perfect finishing touch.


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